AgorAkademiaims to question the emancipatory potential of public space.  In this age of globalization – migration patterns, the circulation of ideas, and the borrowing of objects create intercultural permeation and confrontation. Occupation movements, the destruction of monuments, and controversial images challenge commonly-held narratives and norms of living together in a society. Public space is the site where differences manifest themselves and minorities become visible, the site of intercultural encounters and clashes around religious-secular norms and affects. The representation of images becomes a subject of debate between the values of the sacred and the freedom of expression. The (re)conversion of monuments and the destruction of statues, shape politics of memory and the historical legacy in the present.

To understand the foundations of the Agora – public space – AgorAkademi proposes to study it around three axes: agencies and imaginaries; contested monuments; statues, controversial images, and objects. An interdisciplinary approach is adopted to relate the topographic, aesthetic, and physical features of the public space with its more abstract, philosophical, and sociological dimensions.

Project directed by Nilüfer Göle – EHESS – NOMIS – Columbia Global Centers | Paris



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Séminaire - Vendredi 20 mai 2022 - 09:30AgorAkademi investigates the emancipatory potential of public space in multicultural societies. Since Ancient Greece, the participation of citizens to agora, to public life, has been at the center of reflections on democracy in Europe. With the dynamics of (...)

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Réseau international des chercheuses et chercheurs à l’épreuve des violences extrêmes (RIVECE)

Rencontre - Mardi 10 mai 2022 - 14:00L’effet des violences extrêmes sur les sujets qui les étudient participe du phénomène de la violence extrême. Il en est un des effets, non seulement collatéral, mais plus encore fonctionnel. Ces violences ne s’arrêtent jamais aux limites des corps martyrisés. (...)

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Public Space Democracy. Performative, Visual and Normative Dimensions of Politics in a Global Age

Rencontre - Vendredi 25 mars 2022 - 14:00Public Space Democracy. Performative, Visual and Normative Dimensions of Politics in a Global Age is a book edited by Nilüfer Göle. The volume is the result of a Nomis research project titled “PublicDemoS” (2016 – 2020). Researchers from different discipl (...)

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